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Surgipharm works on ad-hoc projects with various partners from the Ugandan Ministry of Health, NGOs, institutions, research organisations and private companies. The objective is to look at ways of improving the lives of patients by conducting market research, presenting information, designing solutions and implementing strategies in the marketplace.

National Injection Safety Campaign

From 2004 -2007 Surgipharm was essential in the implementation and execution of Uganda's National Injection Safety and Health Care Waste Management campaign. Representing Becton Dickinson, Surgipharm, as a member of the Uganda National Injection Safety Task Force (UNISTAF), worked in an advisory capacity during the development of policy, identified and availed the most suitable syringe and sharps collector products, developed a comprehensive sensitisation programme and trained health care workers in the use of these new products.

Consortium For ACT Private Sector Subsidy (CAPSS)

In September 2008 the Consortium for ACT Private Sector Subsidy (CAPSS), led by the Ugandan Ministry of Health and Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV), launched an initiative to provide a highly subsidised and repackaged ACT through the private sector.

Surgipharm, the initiative's private sector partner, was responsible for the initial quantification and ongoing management of stock as well as the distribution of the ACTs to regional suppliers. We also helped to develop and administer technical trainings on the proper usage of ACTs along with effective supply chain management.